My name is Jeremy and I bought a camera.

But what do I do now?

The natural world has always provoked emotion from me. It is awe-inspiring.
And I like taking photos… so why not combine the two?

My Philosophy:

Just go shoot!

With whatever you got. 

But who am I?

I’m a guy who grew up sport obsessed in Sydney, Australia. My grandfather was a photographer in his native Hong Kong and owned 2 shops called Lido Studio. I never got to meet him. But, I think a small part of his passion still lies inside me as I have loved snapping pics ever since I was little.

Why write?

The world today is swamped with images… so many images, so many interpretations. The world of photography can be frightening. Once you delve deep inside with lenses and ISO, exposure and apertures, it can de quite daunting.  I want to learn and develop. I hope by writing I can achieve this and, just maybe, I can help someone else too.

Why am I taking photos now?

As I grow older and older, I have developed a great affection for the natural environment. I love living things, both flora and fauna, and the complex relationships between them (and of course their relationship with us!)

I love seeing animals do animal things!

Adaptation fascinates me immensely. It’s super cool! Now imagine being able to showcase all these complex behaviours through a still frame image. Thats my goal!

So what’s the hold up?

Lets go see the world. Its mad!